We are a wholesale reclaimed lumber company with our yard located in Elizabethton, TN (northeast TN). We keep an inventory exceeding 2,000,000 bf of lumber and beams. We have full in house dry kilns and millwork shop and can offer a “ready to nail” product or we offer just the raw reclaimed material.

Our many customers include award winning architects, interior designers, millwork shops, flooring manufacturers, lumber distributors and homebuilders. From dismantling through milling, we strive to maintain a “hands on” approach. This allows us to provide these customers with only the very finest reclaimed products available.

We daily ship in excess of 25,000 bf to our many satisfied customers across the US and into Canada. We ship both full truck loads and LTL shipments. We prep and palletize for LTL shipments and arrange freight or you may make your own trucking arrangements.

We carefully manage our inventory to insure that regardless of whether your order is for 200 square feet or for multiple truck loads, your order arrives on schedule and prepared to your exacting specifications.

In many instances we are able to provide you with a description of the chronology of ownership, custody or location of the material used in your project. This may be a 100 year old Amish dairy barn or it might have been a historically important manufacturing facility.

We welcome you to visit us and see just what it is that we do – and do so well.