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Reclaimed Wood: Helping the Environment

Mar 23rd 2020

At Atlantic Reclaimed Lumber we are recognized as the leader in the manufacture and supply of reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed lumber, reclaimed flooring, furniture parts and so much more.

The best part is that we are the source of this job, so by working directly with us it won´t matter what your project entails, we assure you we have the inventory and - of course - the expertise to make a huge success of it.

The greatest part of what we do is continuously keep a close touch with nature We ´ve been a fan of trees for years and we truly care about protecting the forests and keeping it safe, that is why we take this job very seriously and we make sure we do our job carefully and respectfully with the environment.

We just don’t just deliver a nice and functional product, we also make a responsible and conscious effort in our process so we give back to nature what we´ve been given. That is why our clients recognize the quality of our job and incredible attention.

sideview mushroom board


Some things get better with age, and we deeply believe that! The lumber that was used to build America is our stock in trade.

We are committed to preserving our heritage through the dismantling and repurposing of the lumber and timbers used in these structures; from the dairy and produce barns our families built to the manufacturing plants our industries required to fuel a growing country.

We proudly work every day to replicate the beauty and history of this very special part of America and we love to bring pieces back to life on every project we develop.

We offer a wide range of alternatives such as flooring, beams, mantels, wall and ceiling boards, stair parts, mushroom boards, and many more options based on the rough lumber.

And what else can be done?

We love working with wood, besides flooring, you can get creative when it comes to finding more and more forms of repurposing wood. For example:

  • Incredible crates to add to your decoration or for stocking purposes.
  • Pallets also for decoration, especially outsiders and functional seats for a rough lounge area.
  • Wine casks that are perfect for special settings in decoration or to add a country style to your place. Of course, you can use them in a functional way to storage but they are good looking, too!
  • Ceiling, mantels, tables and much more!

As you can see there is a huge world to discover when it comes to working with reclaimed wood so do not hesitate anymore and call us!

We invite you to visit our website and find out more about what we do, or give us a call:

(423) 474-4000



(423) 474-4000